Starving Stover cattle death count increases to 16

A cow chows down.

A young, starving calf rescued from a Stover property last week died Monday morning.

Nineteen other cows and calves removed from the location at the same time were severely malnourished, but seem to be doing okay. They were taken to a local veterinarian for stabilizing and body scoring before being transferred to a local cattle ranch.

The Morgan County Sheriffâ??s office has requested up to charges, ranging from misdemeanors to felonies. The paperwork is at the prosecutor's office, pending review for filing.

Fifteen dead cattle were found in various stages of decomposition during last Wednesday's search of the property. Thirteen cow skulls and a large number of bones were discovered scattered about, too.

Two back hoes and four personnel from the Morgan County road department were brought in to bury the fifteen dead cattle according to state guidelines.

The Morgan County Sheriff's Office, Humane Society of Missouri and the Missouri Department of Agriculture worked together to serve the search warrant at the property, which is leased by Ed Coleman.