Standoff in north Columbia

pdate Friday, May 4th, 11:11 a.m.:

Stacy R. Richardson, 34, was arrested for first degree child endangerment.

A 15-year-old juvenile was arrested for possession of a controlled substance (believed to be cocaine) and possession or sale of a prohibited weapon (switch blade). The individual was also exhibiting signs of a mental disorder and presented a likelihood of serious harm to others and himself.

Two others involved in the incident were transported to the hospital and are still under investigation.

The Columbia Police Department confirmed there was a meth lab in the residence.

pdate Thursday, May 3rd, 4:43 p.m.:

The standoff is now over. The third person has come out of the trailer and has been arrested. Police confirm there was a meth lab inside the residence.

Original Story:

The Columbia police SWAT team has a trailer in north Columbia surrounded and neighbors have been evacuated over concerns of a meth lab.

The incident started when Blue Ridge Elementary was notified by a family member that there was a meth lab at the home of one of their students. The school then called police.

Police arrested an older juvenile and an adult when they got to the trailer, but they believe a suspect with felony warrants is still inside.

The SWAT team and negotiators are working to determine if anyone is actually still in the trailer.