Standoff along Highway 54 ends peacefully

Law enforcement spent more than four hours in standoff along Highway 54 near Eugene

One man is in custody after a long standoff along Highway 54 ended peacefully Wednesday afternoon.

From 12:00 p.m. until around 4:20 p.m. Wednesday, people driving down highway 54 past the Eugene exit were greeted with the sight of the Miller County Sheriff's Department surrounding a home where 39 year-old Scott Peoples had barracaded himself inside.

"At one time we had to make people leave the highway, because the scene was just starting to happen," Said Miller County Sheriff Bill Abbott. "We weren't sure what was going to take place. I do apologize for that but just for everyone's safety, we had to get everybody moved away."

The standoff ended peacefully when deputies were able to talk Peoples down and convince him to surrender non-violently.

"He's alive," Abbott said. "We're all going home. It's as simple as that. No one got injured here, thank Gosh."

According to the Columbia Police Department, a woman Peoples lived with on Buxton Lane contacted police sometime before Wednesday morning and told them Peoples had kidnapped and assaulted her, but that she had managed to escape.

By Wednesday afternoon, Peoples had barracaded himself inside a home off Miller County Road 72.

Peoples was taken to the Miller County Jail. Abbot said he is thankful the standoff did not end in violence.

"He's safe, he didn't commit suicide, he's in custody, and we'll start our investigation."

Abbott said he expects to know what charges will be filed against Peoples on Thursday.