Springer spending summer in Missouri

"Price is Right Live" runs through August 3 at the Andy Williams Moon River Theatre.

Famous television talk show host Jerry Springer is hosting the live show version of "Price is Right" in Branson this summer.

This is the second summer Springer has hosted the show in Branson. Show producers asked him to host "Price is Right" after Springer hosted "America's Got Talent Live."

"The funny part is, I don't even know the rules," Springer said of his first show last summer.

"I'm thinking, 'a game show host? What were they thinking? Were they drinking?' And they assured me they weren' basically I use the show as an excuse to joke around with the audience and the contestants."

While "Price is Right" is a far cry from the television talk show that made Jerry Springer a household name, his favorite part of both shows is the same; getting to know everyday people.

"The truth is, the only thing I enjoy about show business is having a live audience," Springer said.

"I just enjoy talking to regular people, I don't get too much of a kick out of talking with celebrities."

Springer's own celebrity status comes largely from his controversial talk show.

Now in its 24th year, "The Jerry Springer Show" is the longest-running talk show on television.

"It's unbelievable, it's such a stupid show, but it just keeps going," Springer said.

"And people obviously like it, and I enjoy doing it, but it has no redeeming social purpose. It's just an escape. But it's crazy enough that it continues."

When asked whether he personally gets anything out of hosting "The Jerry Springer Show," Springer said it always makes for good stories.

"No matter who I meet...and [let's say] we go out to dinner and we talk and I ask you 'what was your day like?' And you'll say 'well, I had to get this done for the boss, and then I've got this report to do, and oh there was this funny thing that happened in the coffee room...' And then it's my turn. What was my day like? Well I had a guy who married his horse. I'm always gonna have the better story. So who could have a job more fun than mine?"

So what's next for Jerry Springer? The man whose resume includes mayor of Cincinnati, lawyer, talk show host and TV anchor says he's content where he is.

"What a life! I don't have the right to ask for anything else," Springer said.

"I don't have the right to say 'well I want to do this...' hey! Give other people a shot. I've had more luck than any human being deserves."

"Price is Right Live" runs at the Andy Williams Moon River Theatre through August 3.