Spring has sprung in Mid-Missouri

We were near 80 degrees Sunday and many people didn't let the chance to enjoy the warm weather pass them by.

Spring has sprung and Mid-Missouri took notice.

People were out jogging, canoeing and just lounging around

"Today's a gorgeous day to ride," motorcyclist Leo Parks said.

Parks took full advantage of the beautiful day.

"A few degrees warmer would be nice but it's just about right," Parks said.

"The wind feels awesome, Connie Rozycki said while lounging along the banks of the Missouri River. The sun feels nice, haven't felt it in a few months."

With the sun shining and temperatures nearing 80 degrees, Sunday was a great day for some fishing.

"My family and I wanted to do something together and we use to fish all the time but we haven't done it in a few years so we came out here to fish," fisherman Kourtney Smith said.

Smith wasn't the only one casting a reel.

We spotted dozens of fisherman around trying to catch the big one.

You better enjoy the warm weather while you can

Temperatures are expected to become more March like later in the week.