Speeding drivers worry residents at fatal crash site

The speed limit on Lakeview Drive is 25 miles per hour, but residents say cars often speed down the road.

Residents on Lakeview Drive in Camdenton told KRCG 13 Wednesday they worry about the safety of their kids because of drivers speeding down the road. This comes one day after a man was killed while allegedly racing his son on the road.

Kammy Gilliam was in her living room when she heard engines revving outside.

"I looked outside and just so happened to see the black car, the white car was in front of it, going really really fast down my hill," Gilliam said.

"And right after that, probably not even two seconds later, I heard just a loud bang."

Based on witness statements, Highway Patrol believes 38-year-old Jason Kennedy was racing his 18-year-old son, Weldon, when he tried to pass his son and slammed head-on into a UPS truck.

Highway Patrol also said they believe alcohol played a role in the crash.

"We didn't know whose car it was, it definitely looked bad though. You could just tell that somebody had not made it out of the car," Lakeview resident Kristin Dickelman said.

For residents on Lakeview, the crash is an example of a problem the neighborhood has been dealing with for years.

"The first thing one of my neighbors did warn me about, because I do have a young child, is that the traffic that comes down Lakeview is usually...a lot of people speed down this road," Deidrea Sickmeier,
a one-year resident of Lakeview Drive said.

"It's a family neighborhood, I mean there's a lot of kids in the neighborhood and it does worry me that there are cars that speed up and down the road," Dickelman said.

That means constantly monitoring the kids and limiting where they can play.

"We rarely let our kids play out in the front, it's just not safe. It's 25 miles an hour and usually people go between 35 and 40, if not faster," Sally Everhart, who has lived on Lakeview for 10 years, said.

"There's always that chance that one of [the kids] might happen to walk next to the road and [a driver will] be coming speeding over that hill," Gilliam said.