Special Learning Center gets therapy horse

The students at Jefferson City's special learning center got a new four-legged mechanical classmate Saturday.

Chesty Puller is the school's new therapy horse and is named after a famous marine.

The Marine Corps League, also known as the devil dogs, donated $2,000 for the horse.

Riders of the mechanical horse can increase their strength, stability, flexibility and even confidence.

Renee Luebbering TMs daughter, Cassidy-Rae, is a student at the school and has cerebral palsy quadriplegia. She hopes her daughter will walk someday and thinks the horse might be able to "The pelvis is just like ours whenever it walks, so the kids actually get the real feel of walking, but the horse is doing all of the work and the kids don't realize they're actually doing therapy," Luebbering said.

The horse is used across the country to help improve the lives of those with physical, mental and emotional challenges.

The marines said they are honored to be able to give such a gift to the children.