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      South Side Mural Unveiling

      Dozens of people gathered on the South Side of Jefferson City for the unveiling of an historic mural.

      Artist Jim Dyke created a colorful mural on one of the few remaining storefronts untouched by the South Side Revival on Dunklin Street.

      The 48-foot-wide and 8-foot-tall mural is divided into two halves.

      The right side depicts businesses looking west from the intersection of Dunklin and Madison Streets.

      The left half shows historic residences in the Old Munichburg neighborhood.

      South Side Historian Walter Schroeder said, "It introduces public art into the city. That's important. Urban development without public art doesn't have any emotion to it. It would be just like a shopping mall. We want to bring some local flavor to the south side and to Jefferson City with this public art."

      A unique feature of the mural is the hiding of 44 personal names within the artwork.

      The donors of these names helped pay the cost of the mural.

      A list of all 44 hidden names is on the double doors of the building, but you will have to search the mural to find them.