Some roads still underwater after severe weather

Several roads continue to remain underwater after heavy rains and thunderstorms throughout the week.

The Moreau River has risen 11 feet above flood stage. The river is expected to crest near 28 feet by Friday evening and is expected to fall below flood stage Saturday morning.

Elsewhere in mid-Missouri a few creeks blew their banks after heavy rain, shutting down roads. Some of the roads affected Friday include State Road V near Gooches Mill Road in Cooper County and Highway C east of Moberly.

MODOT engineer Randall Aulbur said staff have been monitoring the situation around the clock.

"We've had a few routes where we're still continuing to watch them, due to backwater starting to come up on them," Aulbur said.

During the first week in April, MODOT dispatched 12 crews in 18 counties to deal with flood damage to roads.

"As the water comes up, it saturates the roadbed," Aulbur said. "That in itself can be significant because it causes the roadbed to get loose and you can see some heaving out of the roadbed from that."

Aulbur said this time, the flood damage has generally been confined to a few roads. However, he said the areas that are flooded are significantly underwater.

Aulbur said many times, there is no way to tell how deep a flooded road is, especially if the floodwater goes over meters often placed on the side of flood-prone roadways.

"If you see water over the road, turn around, don't drown. Don't take the risk of driving through conditions like that," Aulbur said. "It's a bad idea to take that chance."