Snowy problems in Mid-Missouri

Car slid off the road during Tuesday's snowfall.

Mid-Missouri made it through the first snowfall of the season, but not without hundreds of wrecks.

Wednesday, KRCG's Facebook Crew got tips from experts on how drivers can be safer on snowy roads.

Almost everywhere you looked Tuesday morning you would see cars slipping and sliding off the road.

"There's a long stretch of time between the final snow storm of one year and the next year's snow storm. Sometimes people just forget how to drive in those kind of conditions. They just forget how slick the roads really can be, MO Highway Patrol's Capt. Tim Hull said.

Hull said the first tip for safer travels is to slow down and pay extra attention to the road.

"Increase your following distance. Make sure you're following all the rules of the road because those conditions make it harder to stop, harder to turn, and it's just going to make things more difficult to drive. So paying attention is even more important in those kind of conditions than ever, Hull said.

One of the most important things all drivers can do before they even hit the road in snowy conditions is have their car checked to see if it is ready for winter.

"I think it's important to have your tires checked, obviously slick tires means slicker roads and less traction. Also keep your washer fluid full and have good wiper blades, Riley Chevorlet's Travis Roling said. It's also important to have your brakes checked. If your anti-lock brake light is on or service traction light is on, obviously those components aren't going to work properly, and that's going to affect your driving."

It's also very important to pack a bag full of items that can keep you warm just in case you get stuck on the road.

Tell us what you think. What can people do to be safe while driving in snowy conditions?

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Tuesday was the first snow of the season and there were over 200 car accidents in Mid-Missouri.

So what are a few things you can do to make driving in the snow a little safer?

Coming up tonight at ten KRCG's Facebook Crew talked with experts today to find out some tips that may help you this winter.

Tell us what you think. What can people do to be safe while driving in snowy conditions?