Snowed-in kids combat cabin fever

The Scaggs family was snowed-in for two days, but made the best of their time indoors.

All bundled up, Anthony, Jade, and Jacob Scaggs were finally able to get out of the house after being cooped up since Sunday.

What did they feel like when they woke up to drifting snow?

"We were all like, 'I'm going outside. I was like this is the plan, I'm going outside for the rest of the day."

Their mom, Delora, let them play outside for short increments, but most of the time they stayed indoors and got creative with their time.

"I have had Nerf gun wars in my house, I have had forts built in my house, I've had of course arguing in my house, we've been baking and cooking and doing things like that," said Delora.

What do the kids think about the snow days?

"I think it's really awesome because we don't have to go to school and read books, and do arithmetic and all that stuff."

It was like an extended holiday vacation for everyone, including Delora who is a teacher in Jefferson City.

"We've had a lot of snow before but the cold is something new. I don't remember temperatures this low. It's time to get back to normal. It's time to get back out into our normal routine," said Delora.

Her husband cleared the driveway Monday so they were finally able to venture out to the YMCA today.

"We got a lot of our energy out. And I had fun beating everybody in horse," said Jade and Jacob Scaggs.

High temperatures will be in the 30s on Wednesday.