Snow runoff to blame for foul water taste in JC

Missouri American Water says snow and ice runoff is to blame for foul smelling and tasting water in Jefferson City.

If you live in the Capital City and have taken a sip of water over the last few days, you probably noticed a metallic taste and distinct smell.

Missouri American Water Operations Manager David Treece said the recent thaw allowed snow and ice to melt and run off into the Missouri River, causing the issues.

"Today is a much better day and it's improving daily. I would say in the next couple of days it will be hardly noticed at all," said Treece.

The runoff process is natural, and Treece urges that the water is safe to drink.

"It's a natural watershed so everything runs to the river. So as that snow melts and runs across the ground, it does pick up certain organic materials and just natural stuff that comes into the river," said Treece.

Missouri American Water is testing the drinking water 60 times per day to assure it's quality and safety.

The company adjusts treatment procedures and filtration, and adds various other treatments to help with the water's taste and odor.

"Right now, we're in the process of flushing fire hydrants to move the better tasting water to the customers sooner. It is all safe to drink but we know in Jefferson City they're accustomed to some good tasting water and we want to get that to them as soon as we can," said Treece.

If you have questions about the water quality in your neighborhood, you can contact Missouri American Water at 1-866-430-0820.