Snow preparations have little effect on Jefferson City budget

Road crews and city officials have plenty of salt for weekend snow, will try to limit overtime.

As another storm tracks into the Midwest this weekend, road crews and city officials prepare for treating and cleaning roads.

"We thought we were finished with snow, and we had taken some of our plows and spreaders off because we were starting to use the equipment for other things but Mother Nature's changed that we've now put the plows and spreaders back on and we're ready to go for the weekend," said public works director Roger Schwartze.

Following the two major snow storms in February, Jefferson City public works still has half of their yearly sald inventory intact, but will assess the situation closely before putting their 24 trucks on the streets.

"What we plan to do due to the budget, is we'll have a supervisor out Saturday evening watching the temperature and watching what precipitation that we're getting...and we'll bring the crews in when they're needed. We won't bring them in prior to the snow starting to stick. If it's just snowing and it's on the grass, we'll just leave the guys at home as long as we can, because it would be overtime this weekend," said Schwartze.

Even after the storm, the city said they will be able to replenish their winter supplies easily.

"Our fiscal year runs through November first of each year, so you know, we've got enough materials to get us through this storm and we'll then re-supply in the next fiscal year with chemicals," said Schwartze.

The Jefferson City Memorial Airport is preparing runways for the upcoming storm as well. The snow comes as crews were beginning to focus on warm weather jobs.

"We've already kind of started setting up for spring. So we've had to back up a little bit, make sure all of our equipment's still ready, put some spreaders and some plows back in the trucks," said Britt Smith, Jefferson City Operations Division Director.

Crews will have the rest of today to prepare before snow hits early tomorrow morning.