Snow day for Missourians of all ages

Three Columbia residents play with their dog during Tuesday's snow.

With most schools and businesses across mid-Missouri closed Tuesday, people of all ages got to enjoy a snow day.

Columbia resident Aaron Swaney said he prepared Monday night to be snowed in Tuesday.

"I definitely made a grocery run at like 11 last night because I realized I had forgotten to get eggs and other food stuff that I needed," Swaney said.

He and his friends walked the streets of the Stephens Lake Park area with their dog.

"It's nice because the streets are super empty, so we can play catch with her while we're walking," Swaney said.

"She loves it. She's got two coats of fur and she just stands out and has a great time," Spencer Hollenbach said.

"You get to be outside, and it's refreshing, and you get to throw it [snow] at people, and you get to make feels nice to be kind of like a kid again," Hannah Volpert said.

Mizzou senior Lauren Holland didn't let the snow stop her from driving to St. Louis for a concert, making a stop in Jefferson City along the way.

"I feel like as long as I go slow and am really cautious, I should be fine," she said.

Holland added that after the huge blizzard almost exactly three years ago, she can handle this winter storm.

"When we got like two or three feet of snow, that was really bad. That's probably the worst we'll see for a while so after that I'm not afraid," she said.