Snow clean-up continues in Columbia

Columbia street crews were able to make some good progress on priority streets during the overnight hours.

Columbia tow trucks spent Friday removing stalled cars off snow covered street and roads.

Columbia police are reporting 14 abandoned vehicles and 115 stalled vehicles because of the snow.

Tow truck drivers and snow removal crews expect to work late into the evening all across mid-Missouri.

As of 1 p.m., Columbia plow trucks were able to clean-up residential areas. Crews were able to make some good progress on priority streets during the overnight hours. They hope to have all residential streets clean by Sunday. As they get into the residential areas this weekend, city officials are asking for your help.

Columbia Public Works spokesman Steve Sapp said, â??We ask that you move cars off of the streets and into driveways and parking lots, if possible. We know thatâ??s not possible everywhere. If you can do that, it will speed up the process of getting our residential areas plowed.â??

Columbia police began towing abandoned vehicles. They couldnâ??t tow them during the snowstorm, and tow truck drivers are extra busy in Columbia. That means some delays for the police department.

Columbia Police Officer Latisha Stroer said, â??Weâ??ve put out a message to call the tow companies. Officers are working hard to try to get the roads cleared so that the plows can get through. We are not getting the tow sheets quick enough to let the tow companies know where a vehicle is.â??

The average wait time in Columbia for a tow truck is about two hours. Police say they will remove abandoned vehicles as soon as possible to help street crews do their jobs.

Columbia police officials said they wished more businesses closed earlier yesterday to lower the amount of vehicles on the road.