Smoking ban gets new momentum

Smoking, both first and second-hand, is not for Carrie Carroll. And she plans to bring the idea of a ban on smoking in Jefferson City into city council discussion in the coming months.

"On a personal level, of course I prefer smoke-free," Carroll said. "In fact I only go to smoke-free restaurants. That's me on a personal level. My job as a council person is to see what the public wants and I'm hearing from them that they also think this is important."

It would be quite a while before the measure came to the council or the public for a vote.

This issue was first brought up six years ago. Council members voted in favor of the ordinance six against four, but Mayor John Landwehr vetoed the measure.

There are plenty of Jefferson City business owners who are opposed to the measure.

In fact, the majority of Capital City bars and restaurants said they were against any kind of smoking ban.

That's the opinion at Chick's Tap Room off Industrial Drive, where employees said 70 percent of customers smoke.

"We would lose a lot of business," Chick's bartender Paula Krummen said. "People want to come, smoke their cigarette, have a drink, and enjoy themselves and I'm afraid it would just take revenue out of Jefferson City and take it to the outlying areas."

Paula and other bar and restaurant reps said going smoke-free should be up to individual business owners.

BUSINESSES OPINIONS Here's how Jefferson City bussinesses stack up in the smoke-free debate: Against the Smoking Ban: Mortimer's Ria's Mike's Corner Pocket High Street Pub Chili's Paddy Malone's In favor of the Smoking Ban: Spectators Arris' Cafe


Some residents in the City of Fulton also want to see their city go smoke-free.

The "Fresh Air Fulton" coalition proposed a model ordinance to Fulton city council members two weeks ago.

Coalition leaders are still waiting for a Fulton council member to spearhead the effort and bring the issue to committee.

Organizers say if the council does not pursue the ordinance, Fresh Air Fulton will start a petition drive this spring.