Small aircraft crashes in Eldon


An incident that caused a private plane to go down in Miller County Tuesday morning is still under investigation.

Witnesses said about 9 a.m. the pilot, Floyd Halderman, of Eldon landed his single engine aircraft in a field.

He was short of the runway by about a half mile.

Missouri Highway Patrol Sgt. Paul Reinsch explained that Halderman built this particular plane from a kit.

The initial report said the plane ran out of gas, but witnesses who talked to the pilot say that isn't the case.

Highway Patrol says there may have a malfunction in the plane that lead to that initial belief.

"He tried to switch the fuel from one tank to the other, thinking that the fuel line was the problem," Reinsch said. "Unfortunately, that did not help and he was unable to make the runway."

After the crash, Halderman actually walked to a nearby farmhouse and explained what happened.

The pilot told the homeowners that he looked up from the plane controls and realized he was too low. Halderman was then forced to land in the trees.

Halderman was lucky to survive the crash, after plowing through barbed wire that surrounded the 200 acre farmhouse.

The homeowners say a crane will come in and remove the plane from their property.

Halderman was not injured but did walk away with a few cuts and bruises.


Miller County and Highway Patrol crews responded to a small plane crash in Eldon.

The Highway Patrol told KRCG 13 the personal aircraft went down around 9 a.m near the Eldon airport.

Preliminary reports indicate the pilot was the only person on board the small aircraft, and he refused treatment at the scene.

Reports also indicate the plane went down due to a fuel shortage.

KRCG 13 has a crew on the way to the scene and will bring you more details as they become available.