Sisters share remarkable journey to motherhood

Sisters Cayce Rogers and Jamie Butcher with their sons Kase and Jase (Credit: Rogers and Butcher)

Sisters Jamie Butcher and Cayce Rogers from Holts Summit are two years apart. And it was only a couple of years ago they both faced challenges with getting pregnant.

"We weren't having any luck," Rogers said.

Until last year in February, Butcher and Rogers both received good news and only weeks apart they found out they were both expecting.

"We went over everything and tried to figure out our due dates would be. And we were so excited cause we were like oh my god....

And the similarities did not stop there. They found out they were both having baby boys.

"Our entire pregnancy everyone joked around, oh you know what are the odds you are going to have them the same day," Rogers said.

Well the odds were in their favor because that's exactly what happened.

While, Rogers was scheduled to be induced on October 6, 2016. She got an interesting text at 2 o'clock in the morning.

"I text back, 'hey what's up,' and all I get was 'water broke,' Rogers said.

It was also a crazy day for the grandparents who made trips to two different hospitals in a matter of hours.

"They got in the car and ran up to Columbia really quick. I ended up having Jace at 8:21 in the morning. They walked in and got to hold him for about 5 minutes and had to run out the door so they could make it for her birth," said Butcher.

Rogers' son Kase was born 1:14 later that afternoon.

"Both boys were face up when they were born. and they both had umbilical cords around their neck," Rogers said. "They just had to do everything alike."

Butcher said the boys are going to grow up to be best buddies.

The first time moms said this mother's day will be special because they get to spend it together.

"I love being a mommy and I love being an aunt," Butcher said.

Rogers said "I feel like this mother's day I get to celebrate with both boys. I don't think it's just a mother's day for me. It's also a Mother's day I get to share with my sister - our first mother's day together."

Both families plan to throw a huge birthday bash for the two boys when they turn one in October.

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