"Significant" sewage leak in Jefferson City

The Department of Natural Resources is investigating a raw sewage leak in Jefferson City.A resident alerted the city Wednesday to the leak in the 2100 block of Green Meadow Drive.Eric Seaman, Deputy Director of Wastewater Services, tells KRCG the amount of leaked sewage is pretty significant.The sewage may have been leaking for at least 20 days, according to Seaman, because the homeowner noticed the snow in his backyard had a brown color to it after the February 1st snowstorm.Crews dug down to the leaking 10-inch pressurized sewage pipe and discovered that the bolts were loose on a valve, Seaman said.Jefferson City TMs Wastewater Division is still working to figure out just how many gallons of sewage leaked into an unnamed tributary to the Moreau River.The incident has been reported to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.