Siblings died by drowning when electrocuted

Updated, July 10, 11:10 a.m.:

Alexandra Anderson's preliminary autopsy report indicates she also died by drowning, which was complicated by the electric current in the water.


The 8-year-old electrocuted at the Lake of the Ozarks on the Fourth of July drowned, a ramification of the electrical current running through his body, according to the coroner's report.

Water blocked Brayden Anderson's mouth and nose, depriving his body of oxygen, when the water was electrified by faulty wiring.

Brayden and his 13-year-old sister both died while swimming near a dock. Although an autopsy report is not yet available, officials believe his sister, Alexandra Anderson, died the same way.

Other incidences of electrocution have also recently occurred, including a 26-year-old woman who died under similar circumstances on Saturday night. Her autopsy was scheduled for Monday.

The Morgan County Sheriff's Office is planning a meeting with Ameren, the Missouri Highway Water Division, local fire departments and other officials to come up with a safety check guideline to educate the public about the dangers of electrical shock in the water around docks.