Shuttle Endeavour: An inside view of the launch

Photo Credit: Jillian Davis

Space shuttle Endeavour lifted off yesterday morning and on time after a scrubbed launch last month. As you may recall I was there for the first launch attempt just two weeks ago. Since I was unable to return for this attempt I awoke early to watch every moment. As I crowded around the TV to catch it live on NASA TV, I started to receive text messages, tweets, and a few phone calls from friends I had met during the original launch. It was loud on the phone so I can only imagine what it was like actually being there.There are several photos that have been passed around that are just incredible and I want to share with you; including one lucky airline passenger that got a sweet shot from her window. Below are also a few links to STS134 albums from some friends that were there. I will add more as I get permission. Please keep checking back.There are a few interesting facts about Endeavour. It is the only shuttle to have been named by children. Endeavour is the youngest shuttle in the fleet and it was built with spare parts from Discovery and Atlantis. Making it the cheapest shuttle to build at $1.7 billion dollars.More facts can be found by reading Six Quick Facts about NASA TMs Endeavour or Endeavour Shuttle Fun Facts We are down to one more space shuttle launch before NASA retires the orbiter fleet.Since there currently aren't any plans to build a future shuttle program, what do you think of the decision to dismantle the shuttle program?