Showing off a new Shelter

An open house was held today on-site of the new Jefferson City animal shelter. Volunteers acted as tour guides for visitors interested in seeing the new facility.

Cages won't be empty for long at the new Jefferson City animal shelter.

One volunteer came from his Florida home front to celebrate the highly anticipated project being complete.

Larry Siebert, who has been a part of the new Shelter efforts for years, is excited to be back in Missouri for the open house. He said, "People weren't aware that we even had a shelter. There is room for a lot of adoption."

There is also room for more for more animals.

Karen Jennings, the Animal Shelter Manager, told us, "We have held around 126 animals in the old shelter and people were like where did you put them? We had a mom and her kitten in the bathroom...cage-wise, we have more cages."

It's about time the Jefferson city animals in need got an upgrade.

The new ventilation system is top notch. Karen explained, "In the old shelter if a cat sneezed, it had no where to go because it all was confined and all went out the front. Well, that is what starts the spreading of disease. So this new ventilation system will control that."

No one seems to think the animals will miss their old shelter.

Larry describes the old shelter, "It was depressing, the animals were stuck in there together. This just gives them the opportunity to have a little better life."

The new shelter is located on Hyde Park road.