Should Jefferson City residents have mandatory trash services?

Local elections are approaching quickly and Jefferson City residents are tackling a hot button issue around town.

Proposition A deals with Jefferson City's trash services.

If passed it would put the city in violation of its current trash contract with Allied Waste Services, which could result to legal action.

If it doesn't get passed trash services would stay the same in the city.

Right now Jefferson City residents have to pay a monthly fee of a little more than $15 each month for trash services, but all that could change soon.

After April 5th Allied Waste trash and recycle services may be a choice for Jefferson City residents, if they vote yes on Prop A.

"All that Proposition A does is remove the mandate. It does not remove the obligation to help your residence cleanup, Jefferson City Resident George Massengale said. That is in the city code and that will remain. What it does say is you do not have to pay Allied Waste for service you don't need."

But if you vote no on Prop A trash services will stay the same.

"Do you want to pay more for trash services? No. Do you want your recycle bin to go away? No, Jefferson City Council Carrie Carroll said. So that's the way people need to think when they go to the poles because a no vote would keep things how they are."

Carroll said if Prop A passes it could cause a huge problem between the city and Allied Waste because the city would have to break their contract.

She also said it would be a big problem for Jefferson City residents.

"First of all breaking the contract is huge and that would be a substantial cost to the city. Also it would be a significant cost to the residents in Jefferson City, Carroll said. We all have trash service, but now if that were to pass we would have to pay significantly more and have less service."

Other residents are concerned that if Prop A passes it would fill up land fills a lot quicker, because residents think no one would recycle.

"Our land fill would fill up a lot quicker, Concerned Resident Beth McGeorge said. When it's easy for people to recycle they do it, and when it's difficult, it's rare that people are that passionate to make the effort to recycle."

You can vote on Proposition A on April 5th.

Tells us what you think about Prop A. Do you think Jefferson City residents should have mandatory trash services?