Should Bert and Ernie get married?

It's a childhood memory most have -- watching Sesame Street with Bert and Ernie as roommates; as friends.But are they more than just friends? Some say yes, and after one state passed a controversial same-sex marriage law, those people think Bert and Ernie should end speculation and tie the knot.The New York law passed just weeks ago, would apply to the pair, as Sesame Street is located at 123 Sesame Street, New York, NY. A cyber-campaign on Facebook for the marraige of the two has more than 7,000 fans. Owners of the page want Sesame Street to recognize there are LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) people in the world and to include those types of people on their show, much as Sesame Street has been a leader in including other ethnicities on the show.But opponents of gay marriage are challenging the law, with a page named "Bert and Ernie Should Not Get Married" on Facebook. That page currently has just under 600 fans.Sesame Street Workshop -- the group behind the hit show, released a statement on Thursday, noting the two were best friends, but puppets with no sexual orientation. Do you think Bert and Ernie should get married? How do you think your kids will react if Bert and Ernie get married? Does it matter that the show is geared toward children?