Shoppers ready to hit the web for Cyber Monday

Black Friday has come and gone, Small Business Saturday has already wound down, but there is still another day for shoppers to save, and they can do it from the comfort of their own homes.

Cyber Monday is on Monday, November 26th, and that means that bargain hunters will be taking to the web to snag the deals they're looking for.

While some great deals can be found online, some local merchants remind consumers to carefully choose where and who they buy their gifts from.

"You have to look at who it is that's actually doing the selling,â?? says Donna Deetz of Click2Sell4U, an online collectables merchant based in Jefferson City. â??You look for their feedback. Have other customers, have they been happy with them. Are you getting a good price for what you're getting or could you go buy that in town for the same price."

They also remind people to keep in mind shipping costs as well, as they can vary greatly depending on the item being shipped and the time during which they're ordered.