Sheriff's office competes in biggest loser challenge

Members of the Boone County Sheriff TMs Department are not only cracking down on crime these days, they are battling body fat.

25 law enforcement officers are challenging each other in their very own biggest loser competition.

Standing 6-foot-4-inches and weighing in at 305 pounds, Sgt. Mike Krohn wants to drop 65 pounds.

Krohn said, I think it TMs a wonderful program. The health benefits of losing weight and being in shape are just innumerous. It TMs part of an overall program that the sheriff and the sheriff TMs department have adopted to get everybody healthy.

In this contest, men compete against men and women compete against women. The man and woman who lose the most pounds in proportion to their body weight win a cash prize.

Members of the Boone County Sheriff TMs Department are really throwing their weight behind this competition. A cash prize is not the only incentive.

Warrant Supervisor Tara Strain says many of her co-workers are taking advantage of the sheriff department TMs new workout facility to help them win the biggest loser competition and get healthier.

Strain said, There are lots of health benefits. We TMre trying to encourage everyone to be healthier and be good role models for our community.

The Boone County Sheriff TMs Department TMs biggest loser competition began on July 1 and ends on October 7. During that time there will be weekly weigh-ins as they continue their battle of the bulge.

The contest TMs cash prize is worth more than $100.

$1 is added to the pot for every pound gained instead of lost.