Sheriff's candidate suspended for threatening opponent

Controversy surrounds the race for Osage County Sheriff as one candidate physically threatens another.

Write-in candidate Osage County Detective Gary Storey confronted Republican candidate Belle Police Chief Michael Dixon after a meth bust in Linn Wednesday night.

Dixon recorded the confrontation between himself and Storey on his cell phone. It all happened at the Linn Police Department after the drug bust.

The recording includes this, â??Just you and me right now! Beat my #ss? Yes, Iâ??d love to. Youâ??re a jerk!â??

Sheriff Carl Fowler suspended Storey after he heard the recording. Storey was upset because he claims local law enforcement did not call for his assistance when making the drug bust. Storey was convinced Dixonâ??s involvement with the meth bust was a political ploy by Linn Police Chief Richard Bray to promote Dixon at the polls November 6th. Bray wouldn't comment, Dixon says he was just doing his job.

Dixon said, â??Detective Storey was very aggressive. He was in the police chiefâ??s face, pointing and screaming and yelling. As I got out of my vehicle, he slammed the door and threatened to assault me on more than one occasion.â??

Storey said he physically threatened Dixon because he snapped. Storey has apologized numerous times for his actions and is asking voters for forgiveness.

Storey said, â??I apologize for losing my temper. I was angry. It shouldnâ??t have happened. I should have had better control of myself.â??

Storey said this incident has not got him down and heâ??s still in the race. Dixon says Storeyâ??s actions are unacceptable for any law enforcement officer.

The other candidate in the race, former Osage County Deputy Shannon Linhardt, a democrat, says he's staying out of the controversy between Dixon and Storey.

Current Osage County Sheriff Carl Fowler is retiring.