Sewage plant concerns Rocky Mount residents

A man looks at the plans for the proposed Rocky Mount sewage treatment plant.

Rocky Mount residents gathered at the Rocky Mount Lions Club Wednesday night for the Rocky Mount Sewer District council meeting.

The residents wanted to express their concerns over a proposed sewage treatment plant on Red Arrow Road.

Some were concerned about the impact the plant would have on area wildlife, some about how it would limit recreational activity at the lake and others about how it would affect their property value.

Richard White, a Rocky Mount resident, said he has a problem with the lack of information being provided by the Sewer District.

"I think most people knew about the sewer system. What they didn't know about was that they were gonna dump the runoff water back into the cove. And not many people that I've talked to have known about it more than a week or so," he said.

Sewer District Chairman Red Jennings said that runoff would be 98 percent pure -- a better quality, he said, than well water people may currently be drinking.

"Right now we have septic systems that are leaking into the lake. Which is waste...solid and aqueous...and they're seeping under sea walls and into the lake right now polluting the lake. So it's going to be probably 100 percent cleaner," Jennings said.

When asked whether the plant would have consequences on the environment, Jennings replied with a resounding "no."

If approved, the Sewer District's plan has multiple phases that would ultimately encompass thousands of households in the lake area.

They have $4 million for this first phase. $3 million is from a grant and $1 million is a loan.

That money will all expire if they do not break ground before June 30.