Severe weather possible on Sunday

Severe weather is possible in Mid-Missouri on Sunday, here is a breakdown of how I think the forecast will set up:Overnight: For the most part, conditions should be calm and quiet across the area. However, there is a possibility that a few stronger thunderstorms could develop across western and northern Missouri. These isolated storms would have small hail and gusty winds.Early Morning: Any thunderstorms from overnight look like they will have moved out of the area. This would likely mean skies would become mostly sunny during the mid to late morning hours.Late Morning/Early Afternoon: Skies should remain mostly sunny across the area. This will do a couple of things to our atmosphere. The first thing is to allow temperatures in Mid-Missouri to jump into the middle/upper 70s across the area. This will also provide enough energy for discrete thunderstorms to form across the region. These thunderstorms, once they develop, will rapidly become severe. Threats with these storms would be very large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. The tornado threat is on the low side for the area, but the southwest portion of the area near the Lake of the Ozarks, has the higher possibility of seeing one. These storms look to develop in the far western portions of the viewing area and would quickly move to the northeast. This would be round one of thunderstorms for the afternoon.Late afternoon/evening: Once round one moves out, a short break in overall thunderstorm activity will occur. A new line of very strong thunderstorms will form along a cold front in western Missouri. This line of severe storms will move across the state during the evening hours of Sunday. This line of storms will have a high chance of damaging winds and hail with them. This line of storms will move out of the area by midnight Sunday.One thing that could change this forecast a bit would be thunderstorms that would develop during the morning hours on Sunday. If there is wide-spread thunderstorm activity during the morning hours, this would dampen down the severe weather threat for the afternoon, as we would not see as much day-time heating.The KRCG 13 StormVision weather team will be here all day tomorrow monitoring the upcoming severe weather outbreak. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for weather updates on