Severe weather brings hail to Mid-Missouri

The severe weather that crawled through early Tuesday morning caused a lot of headaches for Mid-Missourians and a lot of work for insurance companies.

Hail came down in the size of pennies, quarters and even the size of golf balls for some in Jefferson City.

Insurance companies throughout Jefferson City Tuesday were bombarded with calls about hail damage.

"We TMve had roughly 50 calls for storm claims in the Cole County area, MO Farm Bureau Insurance Ron Stewards said.

"We TMve had quite a few. I think I heard State Farm within Jefferson City has taken about 120 auto claims, State Farm Insurance Agent John Conrad said.

So what should people do before they call their insurance company?

John Conrad said examine the damage to see how bad it is then call your insurance agent.

"Everybody TMs situation is a little different. I mean if you have a brand new $50,000 vehicle, you probably would want to get a couple of the dents fixed. If you had an older vehicle than you're probably not as worried about getting it fixed, Conrad said. So I just encourage people to call their insurance agent, and they will be able to advise them on what to do."

One Jefferson City resident who did just that was Steven Beacon. His new truck was hit pretty badly with hail.

"Living right down the street from the capitol we never have had tornadoes that I TMm aware of or any kind of damaging type of weather. So I was pretty shocked, Jefferson City Resident Steven Beacon said. I am not sure what to think right now, it's only been a few hours since this happened. I still keep looking out the back door realizing that my vehicle has got a lot of damage done to it."

Beacon is not alone when it comes to dealing with hail damage; many more Jefferson City residents are doing the same.

State Farm Insurance said there only needs to be 250 automobiles with hail damaged claims before the state declares it a catastrophe.

State Farm alone has received a little more than 120 auto claims.

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The severe storms that brought lots of hail to Mid-Missouri Tuesday morning took a toll on many houses and vehicles.

Tonight at 10, we'll tell you what you should do before you turn in a damage report to your insurance company.

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