Severe weather brings flood risk

Since heavy rainfall began, Miller says customers have been seeking sump pumps to clean up flooded basements.

With heavy rainfall expected to continue into the night Thursday, some Jefferson City residents are concerned about possible damage to their homes.

"Flooding, yes...definitely that. And we have friends who live directly on the river and they have mass flooding at this time when it rains like this. So my heart goes out to them," Maggie Williams said.

Randy Miller, general manager at Jefferson City's Westlake Ace hardware store, said flooded basements can cause a lot of damage.

"Number one, if you have anything in the basement...carpeting or whatever, that can be ruined," Miller said.

"Your drywall can be damaged where it might have to be replaced. And it could lead to foundations being damaged in some manner."

Scott Schlueter told KRCG 13 he lives on high ground, but not all his family members are so lucky.

"My daughter on the other hand, she recently moved into a home and she did have some flooding issues that she called me earlier today [about]," Schlueter said.

"And she's hoping that has been remedied, but she was going to go home at noon today and check and she was hoping she wouldn't come home to a basement full of water."

To minimize immedate damage, Miller said it's important to get the water away from your home. This can be as simple as making sure your gutters are clear.

"This time of year what you will have is... you didn't clean them out since last fall, you still have leaves and different debris from last fall. So yeah, they can clog up that way," Miller said.

For those looking to flood-proof their basements for future storms, Miller has some additional recommendations.

"Make sure that the foundation is in good shape, put sealant around the foundation if you need it, you might even have to put drain towel in all the way around the foundation," he said.