Severe weather brings community together

Thursday's tornado left little-to-no visible damage in Rich Fountain.

Mid-Missouri's only reported tornado touch down Thursday left beind little visible damage, but it still created some scary moments for Rich Fountain residents.

"The clouds were moving in, and I'm scared of storms anyway, so I had everybody come back to look outside the door to see if it was really bad," Dolores Eisterhold, owner of Eisterhold's Country Store in Rich Fountain, said.

"And I thought it was going to get bad. So my daughter calls me, I give the keys [to the store] to one of the guys, and I go down to her house."

The Missouri State Highway Patrol said Thursday a tornado touched down near Rich Fountain just after 6 p.m.

"I heard the sirens go off and about two minutes later the wind started blowing and then the rain started coming in. So I went inside and got the wife and the kids and we went to the basement," Scooter Woodruff, of Freeburg, said.

After the storm passed, Woodruff said he went into Rich Fountain to check on the gas station to make sure there was no damage. He also made several calls to make sure people were okay and nobody needed anything.

Eisterhold, whose store is a popular spot among local residents, said she received several calls.

"We had so many phonecalls to see if we were okay...the Highway Patrol, my salesman...just to see if we were fine," she said.

"I love this town, and I love the people...that's why I've stayed here this long. My husband's been dead for 16 years and after he died I decided to stay here and I only decided to stay here because of [the people here]."