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      Serve Jeff City volunteers clean up

      More than 300 Jefferson City area volunteers braved wet and cold conditions to help their neighbors.

      Members of Serve Jeff City worked on more than 20 projects for community and non-profit organizations.

      Serve Jeff City volunteers spent their Saturday morning cleaning up Jefferson City's Greenway Trail which people use for exercise and running. Kevin Highfill and his family volunteered so they could give back to their community.

      Highfill said, "It's kind of a cold and dreary day. My family and I, personally, we use this trail a lot. We're out here. We ride bikes and do a lot of running and walking on the trail. I thought it would be an opportunity to give back. We enjoy the flowers and the trees that are out here. We appreciate the trail being here for us to use, so we just want to give back a little to the community today."

      Other projects included painting the new Capital City Boys and Girls Club building and the construction of dressing rooms for the Dreams to Reality organization that provides clothing for needy families and individuals.

      Serve Jeff City is totally made up of volunteers from the Jefferson City area. More than 300 people turned out for the event. Rain or shine, the weather couldn't keep them away. It was the third Serve Jeff City event during the past two years.

      Event Organizer Gus Wagner said, "We saw all different types of folks come out and volunteer for this. It gives them a real touch to the community to see some things that they don't see every day or to help improve things that they do see every day and utilize every day. It's a real good connection to the community."

      Volunteers also helped two Missouri National Guard families that will soon see their loved ones deployed to service.

      Serve Jeff City organizers are planning a clean-up for the Wears Creek area this fall.