Senators talk about being targeted

Wednesday, Capitol Police were tight lipped about the investigation into why stickers that looked like targets were put on six lawmakers doors.

Five were democrats, one was a Republican.

The orange cross-hairs were found Tuesday afternoon.

Senator Maria Chappell-Nadal said her staff took one off in the early afternoon but then someone replaced it with another sticker less than two hours later.

That's when they were concerned enough to contact the Capitol police.

They aren't commenting on the situation because they won't discuss security procedures.

Chappell-Nadal said she doesn't have any idea why someone would target her, or her colleagues but she said she wants police to find whoever is responsible.

Chappell-Nadal told us, "This is something that should not happen. Rational people do not put gun stickers on people's doors. That's just not sane at all and it's quite irrational so we were quite dismayed and a lot of us felt like we were targets".

Chappell-Nadal said she's happy with how police responded to the stickers, she believes they are taking the incident seriously.