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      Search for Bell homicide clues continues

      Searchers were back at a Boone County pond today looking for leads in the homicide investigation of Charlie Bell, Jr.

      Boone County Sheriffâ??s Deputies arrested 2 people in connection with Bellâ??s murder on Wednesday night after Bell was missing for 3 years.

      Detectives said the location of his body remains a mystery.

      Deputies are searching in a drained pond near Harrisburg for Bellâ??s body or any evidence related to his murder. Searchers picked through the mud with shovels and hoes. They marked parts of the search area with flags. Detectives are not saying whether they found anything significant.

      Boone County Sheriffâ??s Detective Tom Oâ??Sullivan said, â??Weâ??re continuing to follow up on information that weâ??ve received interviewing people. Thereâ??s still a lot of work to do.â??

      Deputies drained the pond after they arrested Jennifer Freeman and Patrick Curl on charges of hindering prosecution and tampering with physical evidence. The probable cause statement indicated Freeman admitted she helped clean up the crime scene and dispose of Bellâ??s body. Detectives said Bell was murdered in his house on Route E. The crime scene is just a few miles from the drained pond.

      Search teams have been looking for Bellâ??s body since Tuesday. Detectives are looking for Bellâ??s killer.

      Oâ??Sullivan said, â??We are continuing to follow up on information that we received. The investigation is not over. Thatâ??s about all that I can say about that.â??

      Members of the Bell family did not return our calls for comment.

      Freeman and Curl are in the Boone County Jail tonight on a $300,000 bond.