Search efforts continue for missing disabled Fulton man

The search continued Thursday for a disabled Fulton man after he was reported missing from his supported independent living home. As time passes, frustration levels are rising.

"It's constantly your stress level is up and down. It's very exhausting," Fulton Police Chief Steve Myers said.

At the Fulton Police Department's Investigative Command Center, several officers are working around the clock in an effort to find the 31-year-old disabled man.

Carl DeBrodie was reported missing Monday morning, when staff workers say he disappeared from the home on Claymine Drive.

According to Fulton Police, Second Chance Homes of Fulton owned the independent supported living home home when Carl was reported missing. That ownership changed hands, also on Monday morning.

The new owners, Finck Supported Living Services supplied a statement Tuesday that Carl was not present and was not transitioned to their care.

Second Chance Homes on Thursday released the following statement that they are very concerned regarding the whereabouts of Mr. DeBrodie and they are working closely with the Fulton Police. They also said officers have requested they not issue additional statements or interviews.

But questions still remain, "Can you tell me anything about locks on the doors and with this being disabled people what was told to you how this could have happened?"

"What was told to me is they don't I believe secure those people in there, I think they have a right to go and come to a certain extent with someone with them."

Police Chief Myers said they have been given access to search the home, and a search warrant was not necessary, "We've been back numerous times to that location for different things, so we haven't gotten a search warrant because they've allowed us to go into the room and into the facility and do whatever we needed to do."

From age 12-21, Carl's guardian was Mary Martin. "I saw him at 11 years old, and I fell in love," she said. "We bought him a go-cart. Oh my gosh, and we could have 10 feet of mud and he'd be out there in that go cart."

At 21 years old, the state took over guardianship, and that's when Mary said she and Carl's family were not allowed to visit Carl as much as they wanted.

Chief Myers said they are following up on more than 100 leads, and their search efforts will continue,"Check your yards here in town, all over town. Check your outbuildings, check anywhere that someone might be able to hide or crawl in maybe if they're cold or something like that. Check for anything unusual, if you find any articles of clothing or anything like that please call us immediately."

Carl DeBrodie is 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 160 pounds. He was last seen wearing a white polo-style shirt, a leather jacket, and white New Balance shoes. Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call Fulton Police at (573) 592-3100.

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