School nurse hailed as superhero for saving girl

Thomas Jefferson Middle School nurse has been called a hero for her life-saving actions, but she says it was just the mom in her.

Jefferson City residents are calling her a hero, but Thomas Jefferson Middle School nurse Tracy Frank said it was just the mom in her.

She was having a typical Tuesday morning until she had to use her vital nursing skills to save a child's life.

Teacher's aide facilitator Trish Adamson was waiting in Tuesday morning's school traffic when she heard screaming in the line behind her. Adamson immediately left her car and she saw a mother pulling a choking little girl from a car.

"I was trying to do the Heimlich and I could tell I wasn't getting anything to happen," she said. "So I told someone to call 9-1-1 and I sent in a kid to go get Tracy. And then I started bringing her down, because I knew she needed someone with medical training."

After a few frightening moments, Tracy was able to dislodge a jawbreaker candy from the girl's airway.

A wave of relief hit Tracy; she said this is the first time she's ever had to perform the Heimlich Maneuver on any child other than her own.

"It was, I tell you, the most precious sight in the world to see her in momma's arms wrapped up afterward," she said. "So it was divine intervention. Right time, right place to have the right people helping."

The girl, a third grader who was on her way to elementary school, is doing just fine after being checked out at a hospital.

Tracy said a big, proper hug was the first thing she gave the little girl when she returned to the school to thank the Frank and the staff for their efforts Tuesday.

She said the girl is a trooper, but the little girl thinks Tracy is a superhero.