School bus slides into ditch

New Bloomfield's interim superintendent says a school bus accident Monday afternoon was just that, an accident.

The bus was driving on County Road 431 near Highway BB when it pulled over to the side to let a car pass. That's when it slid into a ditch.

New Bloomfield said the bus driver quickly evacuated all the students.

Four students, plus the bus driver, had minor injuries.

The interim superintendent said the bus accident couldn't be prevented because the roads are very soft.

"The bus got pulled off to the side of the road by the mud," Tom Baugh said. "So it's one of those things that the driver certainly would of prevented had he could of prevented it. It's just once that bus starts to go pull off the side it's extremely hard to stop them when there's no traction in the mud."

The bus was on a gravel road at the time.

Baugh said the highway patrol did not issue a ticket to the bus driver.

This is the third wreck involving a school bus this month.

On February 7, two students in Laurie were hit by their school bus.

Two days later on February 9, a Fulton teenager was critically injured when the car he was driving collided with a school bus.

The next day a Jefferson City school bus was involved in a wreck with students on board.

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