School board determines fate of four teachers

Residents voiced concerns at the Maries R-II school board meeting.

Community members voiced their concerns over the possible dismissal of four Maries R-II middle school teachers at a school board meeting Thursday night.

Superintendent Gary Doerhoff said the concerns started when middle school principal Samantha White notified the four teachers that their contracts would not be renewed.

The parents, concerned about a high faculty turnaround rate, wanted to know why.

"We're trying to figure out what is going on in our middle school that we need to bring attention to. It's hard enough to get good teachers in here as it is and we can't run off the good ones," a concerned parent said.

Doerhoff said that White came to the decision after monitoring the teachers throughout the year. He did note, however, that there had been some issues between White and teachers in the past. He did not say whether or not those teachers were the ones affected.

School board members will ultimately make the final decision determining the fate of the teachers.

"The school board will review the data this evening from when she visited the classrooms. Whether or not there was an improvement plan, whether improvement was made, and the school board will take a look at all those things tonight," Doerhoff said.