Scammers want to rip off Tiger fans

With the Mizzou Tigers making it to the NCAA Tournament, basketball fever is pushing up ticket prices on websites like StubHub and Craigâ??s List.

Better Business Bureau Officials are warning Tigers fans about March Madness scams.

Websites like Craigâ??s List and E-Bay have thousands of tickets listed for the Mizzou Tiger tournament game this Friday in Omaha, Nebraska. Secondary market sites offer no guarantees. Sellers donâ??t have to provide identification to list tickets. The NCAA Tournament is great opportunity for scammers. They push up the prices and sell fake tickets.

Better Business Bureau Spokesman Mike Odneal said, â??Make sure you are dealing individually with a person in person as much as possible. Donâ??t wire money. Donâ??t send cash. Make sure you deal with credit cards as often as possible.â??

A credit card company can help you get a refund if the offer turns out to be a scam.

The University Tiger Scholarship Fund is selling 500 tickets for Fridayâ??s game in Omaha. To buy those tickets, you need to be a university donor of at least $10,000 or a coach or a player. Tickets sold to the general public at the CenturyLink Center in Omaha were sold out 2 weeks ago.

MU Athletic Department Spokeswoman Emily Janssen said, â??All of the games in the Omaha region are sold out. That includes our games within our pod of four, plus the other pod of four thatâ??s also playing out of Omaha.â??

Fake tickets arenâ??t the only problem. Better Business Bureau Officials also want to remind Tiger fans about scams involving hotel packages and counterfeit merchandise.