Scammers get hundreds of dollars out of local couple

We've known for years that identity theft rings operate in various countries around the world, and that we are vulnerable right here in Mid-Missouri. But we recently learned of a twist to those usual scams.This one uses the disguise of debt collection to rip you off, and a Jefferson City couple recently had their checking account drained because of it. The Rogers' thought they were paying off an old debt, instead they got scammed out of hundreds of dollars, "I was just angry, I was just so angry", Patty Rogers told us. A few weeks ago Rogers' husband got a call at work saying he owed $300 because of a defaulted pay-day loan. He didn't remember taking out the loan and asked for proof, "They wouldn't send us any information, they scared us to death, we were afraid for his job, we were afraid for us, we thought maybe we had done something inadvertently", Rogers said. The caller, who spoke with a middle-eastern accent, used threats and demanded the money by 6p.m that same day. The Rogers decided quickly paying the $300 was worth it to make the problem go away. But the next day, the man called back and wanted more money, they said no. But it wasn't until the next day they realized they had bigger problems. Rogers said, We woke up that morning and realized they had wiped out our account, we were devastated, I cried, I was angry, I immediately called them and they hung up on me several times". The collectors say they're from American Legal Services.We went to their web site and found an alert on their homepage warning of imposters who use the company's name. So i checked further and discovered the actual company that debited money from the Rogers' account is "Broadway Global Master", we tried to call them but got sent to a voice mail. So how can you avoid a problem like the Rogers? Mike Odneal is with the Better Business Bureau. He said people need to stop, think, and verify, When you get a caller asking for money or any information, ask for their name, ask for their company, ask for their phone number, you call them back and don't do anything on the phone with them when they call you". In the end the Rogers got the money back that was taken out of their account, but they are still out $300.