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      Saving money with couponing

      We work hard for our money and often have to work much harder to save our money.

      Michelle Waggoner is a stay at home mother of two living in Millersburg Missouri.

      She started to seek a money saving strategy 4 years ago and found her answer in the art of couponing.

      Michelle and her husband Cory are now local couponing pros.

      Michelle started a website in 2012 that she keeps updated with useful coupon offerings from many local stores, as well as several national favorites.

      Michelle has such a successful method to saving money with clippers that she was featured on TLC's ??Extreme Couponing?? and ??Extreme Couponing Allstars.??

      Her blog, DVD and website were created as a time saver for other coupon users.

      Couponing is a fad leads to saving more and spending less and Michelle encourages everyone to try it for themselves.