Salute to Veterans Airshow Takes off

On Memorial day weekend we take time to remember our veterans and thank those currently serving this country.

The Columbia regional airport takes the holiday to new heights every year for a special â??Salute to Veterans Airshow.â??

The 24th Annual Memorial Day celebration airshow has landed safely at Columbia regional airport.

Every year meets new expectations, says Ken Hammond a Salute to Veterans Airshow representative. "Each year is special in it's own way. this year the FA-18 plane is flying and of course everyone's favorite the one hundred and first airborne screaming eagles and the Canadian sky hawks are always a big draw."

Caryn Giarratano & her daughter from Jefferson City told us why they spend their holiday at the show,

"We like coming here because this is part of remembering our Veterans. Our Veterans are the ones who have provided us with opportunity to be here and live free."

The show is a great place to learn from displays and plane tours. It is a day of fun for everyone... and it is free.

Ken said, "Its a shame that this is just a weekend when we really should be saying thank you everyday."

This year's theme is Eternal Vigilance, a thanks to our armed forces.

Paul Mount, current AWF1 for U.S. Navy said, "It's nice to get all the thanks and everything. A lot of times I just think, hey I am just working a job like everyone else..."

A job to be proud of.

Young Asa Talbott just got done touring a plane and says, Thank you Veterans for keeping us free."