Saline County tornado rated an EF-1

The tornado that touched down on Saturday near Marshall (Saline County) was rated a high end EF-1. National Weather Service meteorologists surveyed the damage from this tornado during the day on Sunday. They determined that this tornado had winds between 100-110 mph. Wind gusts on the backside on the tornado in the downdraft of the thunderstorm were measured at 113 mph by storm chasers . The tornado touched down 4.5 miles north northeast of the city of Marshall and dissipated roughly 8 miles east of Marshall. The tornado's maximum size was roughly 0.75 miles(1350 yards) wide. It was on the ground for 7.5 miles and lasted approximately 20 minutes.
There were no reported injuries and no fatalities with this tornado. There was damage to a few structure outside of the city of Marshall. More information on the damage that occurred can be seen in the link below from KRCG 13 report Chris Sheppard:
Prior to moving into Mid-Missouri, this same supercell thunderstorm produced two tornadoes in west central Missouri. The first tornado touched down in Orrick and was rated an EF-2 and a the second tornado touched down in Lexington and was rated an EF-0. There scale that meteorologists use to rank tornadoes is called the Enhanced Fujita (EF) Scale. This scale is broken into six wind speed categories. Meteorologists look at the buildings and structures that were hit by the tornado and determine the maximum wind speed that occurred based on the amount and type of damage. A break down of the EF scale in terms on winds speed and the type of damage those winds can produce can be seen below: