Ryan Ferguson's father using billboards to find witness


A few weeks after Ryan Ferguson was denied a new trial in Cole County court, his father is determined to find the supposed witness that could make Ryan's case for innocence.

Bill Ferguson plans to put up three billboards along Interstate 70 , two in Columbia along Business Loop 70 and Providence, and one along Highway 63 near Jefferson City.

Each billboard will contain a composite drawing of the suspected witness, and will advertise a $10,000 reward for anyone who knows his whereabouts.

Ferguson's father says the information on the witness comes from testimony in court.

"Michael Boyd, the night of the murder, said he almost ran over two people as he left the parking lot at 2:20,â?? said Bill said. â??Well, this is one of the two people, and we want him to tell us what happened next. No one has ever been able to do that. This is the missing link.â??