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      Russellville Septaquintaquinquecentennial

      The people of Russellville celebrated their townâ??s 175th anniversary this weekend.The celebration included Saturdayâ??s Frog Leg Festival and Engine Show.The festival continued on Sunday with a community worship service involving every church in town. After the service, the people of Russellville held a brunch to support the Central Missouri Food Bank Buddy Packs Program. The morning rain didnâ??t stop the event as everyone took cover inside the townâ??s elementary school.Event organizer Jim Campbell said, â??Russellville is a good, tight community. We all try to work together. There are a lot of friends and relatives that keep the town going. We get a lot of support.â??The 3-day event looks back at Russellvilleâ??s 175 years as the town celebrates its Septaquintaquinquecentennial. As the people of Russellville celebrate 175 years, they got a chance to literally take a walk through history. People strolled pass tables with displays giving information about old businesses and events. The history museum and quilt show kept event goers fascinated for hours as they gazed at old photos and memorabilia. Ladies of the community created more than 50 homemade quilts. Some of the quilts reflected the communityâ??s strong faith in god while others displayed Russellvilleâ??s rich history.Event organizer Eve Campbell said, â??There are a lot of quilts dating back to the 1800â??s on up to the quilt from our 150th anniversary which was in 1988. We presented that. Itâ??s the one behind me.â??With a population of just more than 800 people, Russellville continues to thrive after 175 years.Dozens of community members dedicated the recently restored Russellvilleâ??s Union Pacific caboose as part of this weekendâ??s 175th anniversary celebration.