Russellville high school sweethearts reunited 60 years later

LeRoy and Margie will celebrate their wedding 6th wedding anniversary in just over a week.

However, they have been in love for over 60 years.

LeRoy and Margie first met in the fall of 1937 when they were both freshman at Russellville High School. She was 12, he was 13.

"I thought he was pretty cute," Margie Fahrni Schneider said. "He had a lot of curly hair and it hung down over his forehead."

"She was a cute little girl and I really fell in love with her right away," LeRoy Schneider said.

Their courtship began soon after and lasted until after high school.

LeRoy enlisted in the Marines on Dec. 5, 1941, just two days before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.

Margie and LeRoy's story changed after that day.

LeRoy was called to duty and shipped to the South Pacific in 1942.

But communication was difficult back then.

"Letters took a long time to get back and forth," Margie said. "And that was all we had was letters."

Two years later, Margie sent one final letter, "It said I was getting married."

"I was real sad about that," LeRoy said. "Yeah, real sad."

But this couple's fate changed in 2003, nearly 60 years later, when their first love was reunited again.

Both Margie and LeRoy were widows when they attended their 62nd high school reunion in Russellville. The two exchanged phone numbers and email addresses and were married the next year.

"Some people say, 'What do you do all the time?'" Margie said. "Well, we talk. I'm still catching up on all the things that happened to him in the service and his career. And he's going the same with me."

Margie and LeRoy are not wasting their second chance at love.

These high school sweethearts have been on four cruises since getting married.

They spend their free time at church or watching high school basketball games in Russellville and High Point.