Rush Limbaugh will be in Hall of Famous Missourians

A Kansas City artist is at work creating a bronze bust of radio show host Rush Limbaugh.

But some say Limbaugh's conservative views are too controversial, and that statue should never be placed in the Hall of Famous Missourians.

KRCG's Daniel Winn went the capitol Tuesday to find out who made the choice, and how lawmakers are reacting.

The spotlight is on the Missouri Capitol this week, thanks to Rush Limbaugh.

He's supposed to be inducted into the Hall of Famous Missourians but if Democrats have anything to do with it, Limbaugh won't be in the company of Harry S. Truman and Mark Twain.

Mike Talboy, House Democratic Leader, said you can't just let anybody with notoriety in the Hall, â??Well if that's the standard Tom Pendergast is also a famous Missourian, Mark Mcguire is a famous Missourian, and quite possibly the two most famous Missourians, Frank and Jesse James all of which are not in there".

So who really decides who goes in the Hall of Famous Missourians? It's House Speaker Steven Tilly, "I don't think there is a reason why he (Rush Limbaugh) shouldn't be, that's why I nominated him, you know it's a unique right that the speaker hasâ??.

But 48 democrats wrote a letter Tuesday opposing the choice and the process.

Tilley's response, "You know the reality is, if one comment prevented you from being inducted into the Hall of Famous Missourians, our Hall of Famous Missourians would be a lot smaller".

Tilley said he picked Limbaugh because he's from his home area and he is the most recognizable radio personality in the country.

Private funds will pay for the $10,000 bust.

Tilley said there is no date to put it in place, but Limbaugh has been invited to attend.