Roundabouts causing problems in Jefferson City

Just this week crews started construction of the 5th roundabout in Jefferson City. Roundabouts are meant to replace stop signs and traffic lights by allowing traffic to continually flow through the intersection. But some Mid-Missourians just don't get it.

Victoria Warren said she is frustrated, she's tired getting caught behind drivers who don't know how to use roundabouts.

She said, They come to the roundabout and they just stop as if its a stop sign instead of using the roundabout the way it was intended."

Joyce Stoker told us her husband almost got rammed by a car one time when a woman missed her turn in the roundabout and then backed her car up.

City engineer Matt Morasch says roundabouts are actually being used to prevent crashes, and save money because they're low maintenance. He also thinks they're user friendly, You slow down and you yield if there is anyone in the circle, if no one is in the circle you're allowed to proceed into the circle on to the right."

Jefferson City has four roundabouts, the newest is at Tanner Bridge and Ellis Boulevard, its under construction and should be done within a month.

Victoria Warren says she actually likes the roundabouts and thinks they are a great idea. However, she wishes drivers who aren't sure how to use them would learn how to use them.

As for Joyce Stoker, she thinks they are dangerous and a waste of taxpayers money. She wishes the city would go back to the simple old stop signs.

To watch a MODOT video about roundabouts, visit this address