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      Rolla man scratches off $5 million ticket

      Rolla man wins 5 million in Missouri Lottery game.

      Jerry Haffly has been playing the Lottery for years, hoping for a big prize. He found it in early February, scratching off the top prize on a Missouri Lottery ??$5,000,000 Jackpot?? Scratchers game. Haffly, 56, won a $5 million prize, opting to take it in one lump sum. He??s a cancer survivor, and he plans to begin spending the money right away.

      Haffly received $3.1 million before taxes. He purchased the winning ticket at Rolla Motomart, 119 Howard Johnson Dr., in Rolla.

      ??$5,000,000 Jackpot?? is a $20 game that officially began Aug. 13, 2013. Haffly claimed the second of three top prizes in the game to become the 392nd Missouri Lottery-made millionaire. More than $49 million in prizes remain. Track prizes remaining for any Missouri Lottery Scratchers game at MOLottery.com.